Day 1. Friday.
"Alex, why would we give you up to five hundred million bucks. It’s too much to give to a lunatic. And not enough for a sane man,” Steve replied, not even bothering to ask which one Alex was.
"You have just two more minutes,” Janet deigned to add.
They haven’t kicked me out yet, Alex thought. I’m still in the game.
He kept going and flipped to the next slide, drilling into his potential investors.
"We will tunnel out and build an Offshore Loading System to transfer the dilbit to standard shuttle tankers...”
"....that’ll go all the way across the ocean?” The derisory tone barely was concealed.
"...that can then transfer to any shore installation, Canadian or stateside, and thence to the overseas customers on conventional tankers.”
"What about the diluent on the return trip? Another OLS?”
"Yes. Going the other way.”
Steve grunted and looked down at his phone to check his mails. Janet got up to pace the room, cast a glance out the window at the protesters 53 floors below fleeing the tear gas, turned to face Alex, and gave her summary.
"So, to recap, you will dig a tunnel from Alberta to the coast, 3D printing your twin pipeline as you go, emerge at the coast, in fact beyond the coast, arise from beneath the seabed, and transfer the dilbit to tankers, this after cruising through regulatory hearings since your pipelines hundreds of metres below the ground will delight environmentalists, first nations, locals, and those hoodlums in the streets beneath us as we speak because no fields, rivers, lakes, or fishing grounds will ever be contaminated and no oil geysers will erupt in the streets of seaside communities, all while convincing politicians that a project which will create negligible jobs during construction--thus upsetting the pipefitter and welder union members who are our only supporters left of centre-- is actually a great victory because it will keep tar sands jobs in Alberta and increase royalties because we’ll be getting tidal water pricing on nine hundred thousand barrels per day. Is that right?”