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"Yes, Ma’am.”
"And you will accomplish this trenchless engineering exploit using your Asian programmers, your Midwest suppliers, and your New York printers on the construction side, along with your other overseas contributors who somehow can write fifty thousand page environmental impact review, legal, explanatory, and profoundly local community impact documents in perfect English in record time on the regulatory side, with the unshakeable belief that the Canadian electorate will buy into this?”
"Yes, Ma’am.”
"And you think all the current pipeline project proposals, east, west, and south will fail?”
"Who knows. They are sending vast armies of bulldozers, heavy equipment, and expensive personnel unwelcomed through native and farmers’ lands that are not theirs. What worked well a generation ago, what in fact built this country, may not work today. Times have changed. The situation calls for more finesse.”
"You overstate the case. They’ll finish the honourable consultation and get court approval. And besides, the pipeline builders clean up after themselves once their armies have passed through.”
"If the pipeline armies are met by legions of nine year old girls and eighty-five year old grandmothers willingly defying court orders and chaining themselves to bulldozer treads and blocking access roads, then the price to make the pipelines pass will be prohibitive. The pipeline builders will go bankrupt if their costs keep rising as they modify their projects to appease the protesters. A novel approach is needed if everyone is to stay in the black.”
Steve looked up from his phone. Alex held his ground, knowing that beyond the idea it was the man that the President and CEO of Rocnus Oil Inc. was weighing. It’s the man that counts, not the idea. Go on. Maximize your shareholder value. It’s in you. Just say yes.
"Alex, just eighteen months ago you convinced my upstream Executive VP to buy into your radical robot and part printing scheme by promising a one and a half percent increase in equipment uptime. You came in with just a skeleton management team and a good reputation from those Wild Rose and White Nova project uptime successes you delivered with those contraptions of yours, a powerpoint deck, and a fire in your eyes. The result is that our fourth quarter uptime is up two percent year on year, which means so far you’re three for three in terms of over-delivering value on increasingly complex ventures. And now you want to cap the climax and engage in a much higher visibility project based on a higher level reputation, deck, and fire.”
"Yes, Sir.”
"I’m not convinced. At least not yet.“
Steve stopped an instant to choose his words carefully, then resumed.
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