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10/Jan/2013: Feedback from Mads Hammerich: Please add arbitrary complex index of refraction rather than fixed n=1 for the incident material on the "arbitrary reflection calculator" REPLY: This has been done. Thank you for the feedback.

6/Jan/2013: Added electrical resistivity feature to thin film calculation to determine electrical resistance of layers and stack

12/Dec/2012: Feedback from ??: Could you please (get someone to) revise your HTML with CSS style sheets, and to suggest a more readable (and now easily modified) typography and layout? Iíve looked at your HTML source, and this upgrade would be very easy. The result would, I am confident, encourage more people to read your page and use what you have developed. The quality of the presentation should match the quality of the product. ANSWER: The menus at the top of the home page have been converted using CSS to scroll down menus for a cleaner and more compact presentation. All further feedback on appearance as well as content is welcome.

30/Nov/2012: Added index of refraction for BCP, NPB and ALq3, used for OLEDs. Many thanks to Mehmet Varal from Selcuk ILTEK, Turkey, for his assistance.

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