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26/Oct/2012: New feature: variable thickness thin film calculations. Users can now have the thin film calculator perform multiple sets of calculation simultaneously for different thicknesses. Useful for optimization or for determining impact of fabrication errors.

20/Oct/2012: Request from Andrew: please add Ti and Cr to the thin film calculator. Answer: these materials have now been added

14/Oct/2012 Feedback from Marcin Kuzniak of Queen's University (Kingston): For the user looking for the index of refraction of teflon in the old miniblog entries below, you can use the Shinji ANDO reference from 2006. Luxpop reply: this reference and associated data for teflon and selected other fluoro compounds have been added to the list of materials. Luxpop would like to thank the contributor for this input.

10/Oct/2012 Feedback from Emmanuel Maillart: I've tried to calculate the influence of the temperature on the refractive index of SF11... (Luxpop ed. paraphrase: my values are different from yours. Have coefficients been mixed up?) ANSWER from Luxpop: Luxpop could not replicate the calculations provided by the contributor. However, the question did reveal that the pulldown menu should have been clearer in the distinction between traditional and lead-free types for Schott glasses; this could have led to confusion. Luxpop has now clarified the pulldown menu and added the relevant prefixes and suffixes per the Schott catalog to the material types where appropriate, in order to better indicate material types. Moreover, the output calculations were enhanced to show intermediate steps and coefficients for the calculations. Luxpop would like to thank the contributor for this input.

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