24/Feb/2015 released beta version of ray tracing for optical simulation.Full rigorous ray tracing with up to four surfaces an arbitrary angles.

1/Feb/2015 added index of Ge25Sb10Se65 thin films at various deposition pressures. This amorphous chalcogenide material has good potential for sensor application in the mid-IR range. Characterized by teams at CNRS and Universite de Rennes 1, along with U de Nantes and U of Pardubice Czech Rep. Also added index of CH3NH3PbI3, as detemined by team at the School of Physics, Peking University, CAS Qingdao, and OKeanos. This material has great light absorption characteristics, making them highly desirable for solar cells.

20/Feb/2014 added index of refraction of ATO [antimony (Sb)-doped tin oxide (6 wt.% Sb2O3-doped SnO2)], from the Leem, Lee et al ref (Kyung Hee/Sungkyunkwan/KANFC). ATO is used as a seed layer to generate gallium oxide hydroxide (GaOOH) nanopillars for the purpose of anti-reflection coatings that can be fabricated using a cost-effective, simple and low temperature deposition method. For ATO, values of n in the 1.7 to 1.9 can be obtained across the solar spectrum, with extremely low loss k.

17/Jan/2014 added new function called "filtpix" to code entry, which allows user to select a nanostructured filter under various conditions and determine behaviour such as reflection or transmission. As a first example the function implements selected filter pixels in the Girard-Desprolet, Boutami et al ref from Minatec, which consist of cross-holes nanostructured metallic filters. This ref elegantly demonstrates the flexibility of these structures and the design freedom granted by these new metamaterials: instead of growing expensive complex multi-layered structures, it is possible to use CMOS fabrication technology to implement designs of arbitrary functionality at a lower cost and with higher repeatability, leveraging existing industrial infrastructure. Click on the fading pixel picture below beside the code entry window for samples.