1/Mar/2013: New feature: added conversion calculation extinction coefficient <==> absorption coefficient. Thank you to Frank Tooley for the suggestion.

5/Feb/2013: Question from ?? What are the units for delta_t phase in thin film calculator, wavelengths, radians...? Answer: they are in radians. Output page has been updated to indicate this. Thank you for the feedback.

19/Jan/2013: Request from Team Azad-1 Student satellite Project,MANIT,India: Mo Si Multilayers are widely used by many research and commercial works. We would like to suggest that you add Mo in the multilayer calculations materials. Reply: this has been added. Thank you for the feedback.

18/Jan/2013: Feedback from ?: There is a jump of 0.1 in the index of gold at 450 nm(...) Reply: At lambda < 450 nm the site uses just one reference. For lambda>= 450 nm, the site uses two references. The two references have a difference of 0.1 on the real value at 450 nm. Users should be aware that fabrication parameters can greatly impact the index value. The multiple references illustrate this point and give users a better appreciation of potential variations. Thank you for bringing up this issue.

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