19/Nov/2013: new Material: added the index of refraction of several bulk optical metamaterials assembled by microfluidic evaporation, from Au, Ag nanospheres. This fabrication technique allows the for engineering of materials in bulk volumes with a wide range of index of refraction and dispersion charateristics by varying fabrication parameters. From the Baron, Iazzolino et al ref.

16/Nov/2013: added the index of refraction of ZnO nanorods (ZnO NR) from the same ref as previous entry. While material characteristics may vary with fabrication technique, the ref gives good reference values for comparison purposes. These ZnO NR are used for antireflective coatings on CIGSe solar cells and offer considerable advantages over MgF2 coatings, such as in this case a rapid, non-vacuum growth process, among other features. Different values are offered (ZNO_NR_BOT, ZNO_NR_TOP) depending on location and fabrication parameters described in the ref.

14/Nov/2013: New material: added the index of refraction of aluminum doped Zinc oxide (AZO) from the Yi-Chih Wang, Bing-Yi Lin et al. "Photovoltaic electrical properties of aqueous grown ZnO antireflective nanostructure on Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin film solar cells" reference. 'Aluminum-doped ZnO (AZO) is a promising transparent conductive oxide (TCO) material for the window layer of CIGSe devices due to its environmental friendly and low cost' per the ref.Available on the custom code entry input below.

9/Nov/2013: added "H"and "L" variables for thin film stack definition. This allows users to define more rapidly a series of high/low films for a stack, and makes it easier to adjust parameters. This also makes film entry more consistent with industry standard film notation.

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