23/Apr/2013 Feedback from ?? Change all inputs to metres Answer: this comes up a lot and requests vary. Most (though not all) users prefer nm inputs for wavelength inputs since putting the "e-9" to all lambdas is troublesome and error-prone. However, if there is a large number of requests for only metres then the policy can be changed.

18/Apr/2013 Feedback from Antony Galea (OIST): Plasma frequencies of common materials Ag, Au, etc. in vacuum would be a useful addition. Answer: good idea. Anyone with a good reference on these please forward and they can be put onto the site

1/Mar/2013: New feature: added conversion calculation extinction coefficient <==> absorption coefficient. Thank you to Frank Tooley for the suggestion.

5/Feb/2013: Question from ?? What are the units for delta_t phase in thin film calculator, wavelengths, radians...? Answer: they are in radians. Output page has been updated to indicate this. Thank you for the feedback.

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