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This section below is a compilation of requests that Luxpop has not been able to answer, in whole or in part. Its objective is twofold:
1) Present: help requestors seeking information by publishing their requests.
2) Future: help users in the future seeking similar information by providing contact information to people who had the same needs as them.

Question 1: Would like to get complex refractive index over the wavelength range 190 - 1100nm for the following: 1. melamine (polymethylenemelamine), 2. Polylactide (PLA) is a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from lactic acid. 3. monodisperse polystyrene microparticles, also called Latex-microspheres. Any or all three would be of interest. I would like to calculate Mie scattering for microspheres of these materials. Thanks. From Rangu
Question 2: Hi, I'm looking for data for lens with strong dispersion, something like flint. But I don't know the names of materials. Can you point me some kind of the lens material and his data? From Yekutiel
Question 3: I would like to know if you have index of refraction for AlCu0.5. Best regards, from Philippe Fournier
Question 4: I need the refractive index of the following materials grown on InP[001]
Tania Tasmin
Question 5: hi, i'm Andrea. i need , for my thesis, the refractive complex index of Al and Al2O3 (sapphire) , at 2500 K and in a range of wavelenghts values between 2 and 5 micron, in the infrared region. I absolutely need them! May you help me please? (especially about the Al! )
Question 6: Please, can I ask you for the complex index of refraction for NH3 -amonia ice from 0.1 microns to 100 microns Jan Budaj.
Question 7: Hi, I need the dispersion relation for Teflon AF-1600 and Teflon Af-2400 over a wavelength range of 200 nm to 900 nm.Regards, Anuj
Question 8: Hi! I'm Carlo and I'm analysing a laser with a BCB layer, made of OXYDE. Please, somebody can help me in finding the value of the Index of Refraction about this material? Thanks a lot!!! Bye!
Question 9: I was wondering if you can provide me text files with the wavelength dependent complex refractive index for several materials: aluminum, silver, and silicon nitride. Wavelengths from 400 to 1500 nm are of interest. These text files will be used in simulations. Thanks for your help. Best regards, Jack
Question 10: I want to know the refractive and absorstion index of
# Chemical Class/Classe chimique : PHYLLOSILICATES
# Subclass/Sous-classe chimique : Phyllosilicates -
# Chemical Formula/Formule chimique : Mg3 Si4 O10 (OH)2
TALC3 (in french)
Can you help me ?
Best regards
Question 11: I would like to know if you have the cryogenicnindex of gold from J.N.
Question 12 From Marie Dominique: Hi, I'm looking for the complex refractive index of C10H8O4 (PET) over the wavelength range 40 - 300 nm. Thanks.
Question 13 From Vlad Lirtsman: Hi, I'm Vlad, I'm looking for d-GLUCOSE refraction index in visible and n-IR range. Can you halp me. Thanks in advance!!!
Question 14 From Linda Shao: Dear Sir/Madam, Could you please help check the refractive index of Soda Lime Glass at 890nm? My email address is Thank you very much! Sincerely, Linda Shao
Question 15 from Hy Xing: Could you tell me the refractive index of AlN at 350nm and room temperature£¬please? Thank you very much!
Question 16 from Hasbullah Anthony: Query: Hi there! I would like know ways on getting the refractive index for In(x)Ga(1-x)N(y)As(1-y) grown on GaAs over the wavelength of 1310 nm. Your kind help is very much appreciated. Thanks. Tue Sep 25 01:04:21 2007


Who: Rangu Ranganath
Where: Agilent Inc.
Is: Engineer
Interests: Mie scattering, synthetic materials
Who: Yekutiel Meshorer
Where: Israel
Is:Physics Student
Interests:bulk optics, flint glasses
Who: Philippe Fournier
Where:Atmel Inc.
Is: Engineer
Who: Tania Tasmin
Interests:Materials grown on InP
Who: Andrea
Where: Italy
Is:Engineering Student
Interests:Materials in the 2000 to 5000 nanometre wavelength range
Who: Jan Budaj
Where: U of Arizona
Interests:Astronomy, 0.1 micron to 100 micron range
Who: Anuj
Where: India
Is:Engineering Student
Interests:Teflon in 200-900 nm range
Who: Carlo
Where: US
Is:Engineering Student
Interests:BCB, oxyde
Who: Jack
Where: UC Davis
Is:Engineering Student
Interests:Al,Ag,Si3N4, 400 to 1500 nm, simulations
Who: Christine Rey Rouch
Where: Laboratoire de Génie Chimique
Who: J Noel
Where: Florida International University
Is: Grad Student
Interests:Cryogenic, gold
Who: Marie Dominique
Where: Royal Observatory of Belgium
Is: engineer
Interests: C10H8O4 (PET), 40-300 nm
Who: Vlad Lirtsman
Where: The Hebrew Univcersity of Jerusalem
Is: engineer
Interests: d-GLUCOSE refraction index in visible and n-IR range
Who: Linda Shao
Where: Colorado State University
Is: engineer
Interests:Soda lime glass, 890 nm
Who: Hy Xing
Where: China
Is: engineer
Interests:AlN, 350 nm
Who: Hasbullah Anthony
Where: Malaysia
Is: Assistant researcher
Interests:n(x)Ga(1-x)N(y)As(1-y) grown on GaAs over the wavelength of 1310